Looking for Call Center ? You’ve come to the right place!

Its time when we actually understand that setting up of a BPO is not at all difficult but running a good show is all that counts. It is only not your sincerity but also the capability of your team and depends upon how genuine the client or process or campaign is….. We offer you complete Setup services as per actuals, which is you would spend everything at actual rates without any commercial interference of a middleman, whether it is the Setup of the BPO Unit or the SLA with Clients for the process or campaigns.

We have a very focused list of service offerings, primarily specializing in outbound services, including:

  • Telemarketing (Product/Service Promotion).
  • Customer Care Programs.
  • Market Research - After Sales/ Pre Sales.
  • Verifications

Our inbound contact center services, include:

  • IT Support (Hardware / Software).
  • Inbound Banking Support.
  • Inbound Insurance Support.
  • Help Desk